CBD and Warfarin

CBD is known to interact and increase the effect of certain pharmaceutical drugs to include some antiepileptic drugs as well as the blood thinner Warfarin.

CBD reduces spasms

CBD reduces spasms of those suffering from epilepsy and multiple sclerosis: A review of the scientific literature.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe to Take Orally?

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe to Take Orally? is a great question. It depends on the cultivar from which the essential oil was produced. European warnings relate to Lavandula latifolia and Lavandula hybrida (x intermedia) The US Food and Drug Administration considers Lavender as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ as a food item Multiple research reports […]

CBD effective against COVID-19 and other viral infections

CBD effective against Covid-19

CBD effective against COVID-19 according to March 2021 research paper. One of my previous Blog Posts discussed research showing CBD reduced lung damage caused by COVID-19 by reducing the cytokine storm which damages the lungs and kills many Covid-19 patients. That Blog is at https://curtisswift.com/cbd-reduces-lung-damage-caused-by-covid-19/ A research paper posted on March 10, 2021 provides even […]

Food Grade Certified essential oils

Food Grade Certified essential oils Curtis Swift, Ph.D., Mesa Lavender Farms® Mesa Lavender Farms® uses Food Grade Certified essential oils for our CBD oil tinctures as it is the highest quality certification available. Food Grade certification is not the same as USDA Organic and is a separate certification. This certification is under the  Safe Quality […]

Fertilizing Lavender

Fertilizing Lavender is a publication detailing the nutrient requirements of lavender and conditions which should be met to ensure a healthy product field.

The best CBD for Horses and other Large Animals

CBD for Horses and other Large Animals 200 pounds or greater Many horse and other large animal lovers use CBD for mood stabilization. Horses, donkeys, llama, alpaca,  and other large animals commonly experience anxiety, boredom, and stress. Many also suffer from an extensive list of medical problems: arthritis, herd bound issues, muscle soreness, chronic laminitis, […]

CBD Isolate Powder for sale by Mesa Lavender Farms

Mesa Lavender Farms® is pleased to have the opportunity to offer CBD Isolate at a reduced price of $10 per gram. CBD isolate, cannabidiol, in powder form is available from Mesa Lavender Farms®. It is used to create several different products to include salves, lotions, and oils. Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids present […]