Mesa Lavender Farms® is pleased to have the opportunity to offer CBD Isolate at a reduced price of $10 per gram.

CBD isolate, cannabidiol, in powder form is available from Mesa Lavender Farms®. It is used to create several different products to include salves, lotions, and oils. Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. CBD isolate does not contain any THC – the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD Isolate is extracted from Industrial Hemp, a cannabis which by Colorado and Federal law must contain no more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a dry weight basis.

CBD Isolate Powder
Image of CBD Isolate from Mesa Lavender

The CBD isolate extracted from industrial hemp is typically more than 99% CBD. The CBD isolate Mesa Lavender Farms® has available contains 99.58% CBD with an additional 0.37% CBDV giving a total percentage of CBD of 99.95%. The Certificate of Analysis for our CBD Isolate is available.

CBDV, cannabidivarin, is similar in structure to cannabidiol (CBD). Like CBD, cannabidivarin does not affect thinking. Cannabidivarin is approved for use as a medicine in Europe for treating two rare conditions. It is not approved for use as a medicine in the U.S. or Canada.

Cannabidivarin is used for seizure disorder, nausea, long-term swelling (inflammation) in the digestive tract, and other conditions as is CBD.

CBD has been reported to influence several bodily functions, including appetite, memory, mood, pain perception, and inflammation. CBD and CBDV tend to make certain nerve cells involved in swelling (inflammation), seizures, pain, and other conditions less active. By making these cells less active, CBD and CBDV are said to improve these conditions. You can learn more about CBDV at

In addition to certification of the cannabinoids in our CBD Isolate, we always insist on panels being run to ensure there are no residual solvents, heavy metals, or microbes present in the isolate. Depending on the process used to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant material, different solvents may be used. Regardless of which one has been use, analytical tests are run to ensure there are no residues, heavy metals, fungi or bacteria.

A panel is also conducted to determine if there are any residues for pesticides. While Colorado has stringent requirements for pesticide use on Cannabis, we still want to ensure there are no residues present. Cannabis is known to pull pesticides from the soil and sequester those in the plant’s tissue. Consequently, the panel is an extensive screening for everything from aldicarb to trifloxystrobin to include organic as well as synthetic pesticides. As you can see on this panel the CBD Isolate available from Mesa Lavender Farms® is free of pesticides.

CBD Isolate is used to create many products

After formulation into various products, you will find the percentage of CBD is considerably lower ranging from 50 mg of CBD per ounce to 600 mg of CBD per ounce depending on the product. With 28349.5 milligrams in an ounce, 50 mg/ounce equate to 0.176% while 600 mg/ounce is 2.11%. Mesa Lavender Farms has found the percentage in our products is proper as the effectiveness of CBD works on a bell-curve (as referred to as a reverse U) Link. Too high and too low a concentration does not provide you the results you want. There is a ‘sweet spot’ where just the right concentration provides the best results.

The CBD Mesa Lavender Farms® carries is from strains of industrial hemp which have been processed into a pure white powder, the consistency of confectionary sugar. We purchase our supplies by the kilo (1000 grams or 2.2 pounds). We then either use it to produce our own variations of pure CBD products or make it available to others. Mesa Lavender Farms® CBD isolate is available by the gram or greater.

What about Synthetic CBD isolate?

Synthetic CBD isolate is chemically produced in a laboratory. According to the Cana Law Blog™ the use of synthetic CBD isolates “have been reported to cause serious side effects, including but not limited to euphoria, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In addition, illicit synthetic cannabinoids, also known as cannabimimetic agents, have been repeatedly associated with causing severe illnesses and deaths.”

Mesa Lavender Farms® recommends you purchase CBD isolate from a plant and not a laboratory. We also recommend Mesa Lavender Farms CBD isolate.