hair loss lavender and cbd
hair loss lavender and cbd

Hair Loss Lavender and CBD

Mesa Lavender recommends topical applications of:


Scientific research on the effectiveness of lavender and CBD on hair loss research is discussed below.


Hair serves as a cushion against external shocks, helps keep the head warm, and acts as a shield to protect the scalp from ultraviolet rays. Your hair helps excrete and remove harmful heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, and zinc) from the body. Hair also has an important role in the appearance of a person. Lavender and CBD are also know to reduce stress and anxiety so you will have this additional benefit when using these products.

Hair growth and loss: The cycle

The normal production and loss of hair works on a cycle. Active growth of an individual hair (the anagen phase) is 3 – 6 years; slowing of growth (catagen phase) 3-4 weeks; the telogen phase when hair loss occurs, and new hair occurs over 3 to 4 months. This cycle occurs 10 to 20 times in one’s lifetime.

Hair is produced in depressions in the skin known as hair follicles. The hairs are produced by specialized cells. New hair cells are made in the bulb at the base of the hair follicle.

Hair loss due to Alopecia:

Alopecia is a disease which causes premature shedding of hair including the loss of eyebrows. Red fingernails, pits in the nails, ridges that run the length of the nails, nails that become rough like sandpaper, and brittle nails are common.

Hair loss Lavender and CBD: Scientific Research             

Minoxidil is a commonly used drug for the treatment of alopecia. This pharmaceutical shortens the hair loss phase (telogen) and stimulates more hair growth. It also lengthens the anagen phase allowing the user to retain their hair longer.

Lavender essential oil containing linalyl acetate, linalool, and geraniol is known to enhance the growth of cells, the reproduction of skin, and can be effective against alopecia areata. Applying lavender essential oil to the skin increases number of hair follicles, deepens hair follicle depth, and thickens the dermal layer revealing the marked hair growth-promoting effect of lavender essential oil.

CBD (Canadibiol) has been demonstrated to reduce hair loss due to Alopecia as plant-derived CBD positively influences receptors in nerve endings, skin cells, and hair follicles.

2021 study showed that people who topically applied CBD oil to their hair and scalp for 6 months saw successful regrowth, though results were more promising in men than women.

CBD may also help you achieve better sleep and reduced anxiety, which impacts hair growth. Stress is a common cause of excessive hair loss.   A decrease in daily stressors may affect the regrowth of hair follicles.

Mesa Lavender Farms recommends:

Lavender CBD Tincture applied regularly and worked into the areas affected –

Lavender CBD roll-on – convenient and easy to apply – applied regularly and work into areas along with Tincture –

Beard Oil applied regularly – is designed to increase hair growth –

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