large animal cannabidiol CBD Oil is available
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Large Animal Cannabidiol (CBD) helps relieve the pain of degenerative joint disease and other chronic conditions of large animals.

Large Animal Cannabidiol oil  was developed for horses and other large animals for mood stabilization and pain relief. Horses and other large animals commonly experience anxiety, boredom, and stress. Many also suffer from an extensive list of medical problems: arthritis, herd bound issues, muscle soreness, chronic laminitis, stall rest, trailering stress, farrier visits, nausea, seizures, etc.

Large Animal Cannabidiol oil has been found to help relieve pain, anxiety and inflammation.

Arthritis is one of the most common health concerns in older animals, and donkeys, llamas and alpacas are no exception. These animals might develop inflammation and arthritis in their feet, legs, or joints. They also might develop fallen pasterns (the llama equivalent of the midfoot or ankle). Untreated, this could eventually result in debilitating chronic pain and a general refusal to move around, especially in the cold.

Mesa Lavender Farms® Large Animal CBD Oil (Tincture) is formulated using CBD isolate derived from industrial hemp grown in Colorado. There is no THC in our isolate formulation. Analyses show our tinctures are free of pesticides and heavy metals, Enterotoxigenic E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacteria as well as fungi.

The carrier oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil from coconuts known for its health benefits such as increased cognitive function. Our MCT oil does not contain palm oil and is USDA certified organic. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, and at low doses will be very effective at soothing your horses’ nervous system when rubbed into its gums. Due to a horses’ lower metabolic rate, lower levels of CBC than you or I would take can still be effective. Twenty to 30 milligrams (one CC) of Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD rubbed into the gums of a 1000-pound horse have been shown to help soothe the horse’s nervous system. Fifty mg of Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD has been shown to be effective for severe lameness, mild to moderate acute laminitis, and equine metabolic syndrome.

These rates are based on rubbing the CBD on their gums. Adding CBD to the horses feed results in a loss of 80% of the CBD due to it being lost in the digestive system and broken down in the liver. Rubbing the CBD on the gums results in 80 percent of the CBD being absorbed. In order to be effective when added to food, you would need to up the dose of CBD by 4 to 6 times. Our Large Animal CBD tincture is available in 4-ounce wide mouth plastic bottles and is formulated so each milliliter (cc) contains 20 mg of CBD. To make dosing your animals as convenient as possible we have included a 10 cc syringe and a dosing card.

Use the syringe to draw out the required amount of CBD tincture based on the animals’ body weight. Squirt the tincture under the lips or tongue or rub it into the gums to achieve the most effective results. Some people see results in as early as 10 minutes but you should plan on 30-45 minutes before you see the effect. When trailering animals, especially ones that are easily spooked, you should give them a dose of Mesa Lavender Farms® Large Animal CBD Oil 30 to 45 minutes before attempting to load them. If you compete in horse shows that do drug testing, you will need to stop giving your horse CBD seven days before the event. The United States Equestrian Federation prohibits the use of CBD in competitions. This indicates how effective CBD is with behavioral and pain issues with horses and other large animals.

You can increase the dosage if the condition is severe but within limits. Research has shown that the body absorbs CBD on a bell curve or inverted U-shape. Too low or too high a dose of CBD is often ineffective. Once you find the optimum medium dosage amount stick with that rate. More does not necessarily mean better results! [1]

Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal Cannabidiol Oil is available in CBD only formulations. Certificates of Analysis are available at and provide data on CBD concentration. This CBD-only formulation is THC-free.

Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD Oil is available in 4 ounce wide-mouth plastic containers. Larger quantities are available by contacting Mesa Lavender Farms at

Our current flavors are Peppermint and Apple.

For animals under 200 pounds we recommend using our unscented pure CBD formulation.