Irrigation Lavender

 Lavender Irrigation Frequency of watering and how much you apply depends on your soil type, and climatic conditions in your areas. For that reason, one cannot provide you an accurate recommendation on how often to irrigate or how much to water to apply. Soils in a field often vary with each having different requirements for […]

lavender pH adjustment

Lavender pH adjustment – Lavender prefers a pH of 6.9 – 7.2 Curtis Swift, Ph.D., 979.778.7866 Lavender pH adjustment explains how to determine the amount of liming product to apply per acre. Select the desire pH level e.g. 7.0 Subtract the buffer pH provided by the soil test report If no buffer pH is […]

Hair Loss Lavender and CBD

Scientific research on the effectiveness of lavender and CBD on hair loss is discussed The phases of hair growth and alopecia, the loss of hair, is covered. Products to improve hair growth are recommended.

CBD Anxiety and Stress

CBD Anxiety and Stress Relief as Influenced by Lavender and CBD Anxiety-related disorders are associated with a diminished sense of well-being, elevated rates of unemployment and relationship breakdown, and elevated suicide risk Lavender Anxiety and Stress Depression, headaches, migraines and Lavender inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment for […]

Neuropathic and Sciatic Pain Relief with CBD and Lavender

neuropathic and sciatic nerve pain relief by CBD and lavender

Neuropathic and Sciatic Nerve Pain Curtis Swift, Ph.D., Mesa Lavender Farms Summary of research findings and suggestions: As explained in the following research, lavender essential oil plus CBD is the combination to use when dealing with neuropathy and sciatic pain. Mesa Lavender Farms suggests the combination of topical and oral (sublingual) methods of application being […]