CBD Strokes and Diabetes

CBD Strokes and Diabetes A review by Curtis Swift, Ph.D. curtis@mesalavenderfarms.com You can purchase CBD Products at https://mesalavenderfarms.com/product-category/cbd   Use coupon code veterans for 25% off. CBD Strokes and Diabetes: Abstract: Cannabidiol (CBD) reduces inflammation and increases blood flow to the brain for those suffering with diabetes. As a result, the use of CBD has been shown to […]

Lavender Aromatherapy benefits Menopausal and Elderly Women

The benefits of lavender aromatherapy with menopause symptoms are significant. Compiled by Curtis Swift, Ph.D., Mesa Lavender Farms Mesa Lavender Farms essential oils are available at https://mesalavenderfarms.com/product/essential-oil/ Waterless diffusers are available at https://mesalavenderfarms.com/product/aromasphere-essential-oil-diffuser/ Lavender aroma affects symptoms of menopause; Sleep, Sexual Desire, Vasomotor, Psychological and Physical Symptom among Menopausal and Elderly Women. Effect of lavender […]